Bagage transport

Our bagage transfer service, roughly operating between the end of March to the beginning of October, is included in the travel fees of your cycling holiday. Between 09.00 a.m. and 18.00 p.m. Friesland Holland transfers your luggage, labelled with a luggage tag provided by Friesland Holland, from hotel to hotel. This makes it possible for you to visit cafés, restaurants and tourist attractions without having to worry about the valuable luggage on your bicycle.

Please note: the luggage that you want to take with you must be waiting at reception at 09.00 o’clock sharp in order to be transferred to the next hotel. The delivery time may run late due to special circumstances, but this hardly ever occurs.

The driver handles only luggage labelled with a Friesland Holland luggage tag. Should you take your own luggage along with you, for example because you want to make an early departure and don’t want to wait for your luggage, or are forced to cut short your holiday because of unforseen circumstances, please notify Friesland Holland. This prevents unnecessary delay caused by the driver fruitlessly searching for your luggage and also worry at the travel office about the travel guests.

Also important: your suitcase(s) or bags — one per person and, please, no heavier than 15 kg (take the handler’s back into consideration!) — must be of robust quality. So no plastic carrier bags and suchlike. Friesland Holland cannot be held responsible for possible damage to your luggage, such as a loose wheel or handle, which sometimes happens when the luggage is of inferior quality. Moreover, Friesland Holland is responsible for luggage only between the moment of collection at the hotel and the time of delivery at the reception of the next hotel.

Breakdown assistance with

mobility guarantee

Breakdown assistance with moblility guarantee is included in the price of all Friesland Holland cycling packages. This unique service ensures alternative transport (deluxe bike) in the entire province of Friesland, except for the islands, should you have a breakdown or accident along the way with your own bike or a rental bike and should it not be possible for a bicycle repairman in the vicinity to fix your bike within the hour. You will then be provided with an e-bike with multiple gears and bike bags, free of charge, for the duration of your holiday and/or the Friesland Holland Assistance vehicle will bring you to the day’s final destination (also free of charge).

In most cases the driver of the Friesland Holland Assistance vehicle will return your defective bike to the starter hotel, but, on special request and in consultation with your advisor, can also deliver your defective bike to a bicycle repairshop nearby to where you are staying. It goes without saying that the repair costs of your own bike are at your own expense. In any case ,Friesland Holland Assistance will always make it possible for you to continue your journey. The service is available from the end of March to the beginning of October, 7 days a week.

Tip: the deluxe rental bikes from Rent-a-Topbike are equipped with high-quality puncture-proof tires. If you plan to ride the Eleven Cities route on your own bike, it is advisible to have puncture-proof tires installed, for example Marathon E-Plus with several protection layers (level 7). The  Friesland Holland bicycles have also been equipped with this type of tire, minimalizing the risk of puncture.