Rental of sporty touring bikes and premium e-bikes


Travel organization Friesland Holland Travel Service‘s bike rental division is called Rent-a-Topbike®. In other words, we rent out top-quality bikes. Friesland Holland rents out and delivers deluxe and sporty touring bikes and the most comfortable e-bikes imaginable at the hotels where the guests start and finish their cycling tours, exclusively in combination with its own cycling packages.

The rental bikes of Rent-a-Topbike® are not the generic type of bike manufacturers typically assemble for bike rental agencies, but are all modified Unique-editions of top brands such as Alba, Giant, Gazelle en Batavus, recognizable by the exclusive Unique-label. The purpose of the modifications is to optimize safety and comfort and to minimize the chance of breakdowns and technical problems, of the utmost importance with longer cycling tours.


Unique: many extra features

All bikes are equipped with the following extra features:
– a handsome, top-quality waterproof bike bag (usually a Basil), both left and right;
– a sturdy carrier rack with bungee cords;
– handlebars and saddle both easy to adjust manually, guaranteeing an optimal cycling position;
– a minimum of 7 gears (usually more in a racing model);
– ergonomic and hygienic palm grip handles;
– a comfort plus saddle;
– extra suspension (sometimes manually adjustable);
– a sturdy kickstand to prevent the bike from falling;
– the best puncture-proof tires on the market;
– an anti-theft cable lock to be used as an extra lock;
– thorough cleaning and desinfection upon return; a guarantee that you will always be provided with a clean, hygienic bike, especially with regard to the handles, saddle and lock, parts that are often touched by hand.


Concerning the e-bikes:
– 400 wh battery (mimimum) for a range of 150 km on a single battery charge (with assistance in position 1 or 2);
– removeable battery;
– light-weight unisex safety frame based on women’s model, so spacious low step-through;
– quiet motors (Shimano, Yamaha and Bosch);
– easy to operate transmission and gear;
– superior brake system.


Rental fees:
Tour bike: € 15,00 per day
E-bike: € 25,00 per day
Delivery and retrieval at hotel: € 15,- per bike


The bicycles are delivered on the first day of the cycling tour between 09.00 en 10.00 a.m. at the hotel where the tour starts and finishes (and are very often already present on your day of arrival) and are collected at the end of the rental period, on the final cycling day, at 18.00 p.m. You as the renter are responsible for the bike you have rented. Prevent theft. Always use both locks; if possible, chain to a pole or fence with the cable lock. When you arrive at your hotel, after checking in, always park your bike indoors, in the lockable storage of the hotel, also on the final day, when you hand in your bike at the hotel reception before departure. This is because the bikes are not always promptly picked up at 18.00, but sometimes later in the evening or the following day. Bikes parked outdoors are an easy prey for thieves who know how expensive they are, which is the reason for this warning.