The Frisian Lakes is the most beautiful sailing area

Friesland has the largest number of CWO-certified sailing schools of any province, being home to 21 of the 45 schools that exist in the Netherlands. Logically enough, most Frisian sailing schools are located in the Frisian Lakes area. This is where, so to speak, half of Europe learn tour and competitive sailing. 

Lake Snitsermar (Sneekermeer) – Sailing school Garijp

For a while it seemed as if the bottom had fallen out of sailing as a sport. However, the tide has turned. People on day trips who do not know how to sail hire a sloop, while yachtsmen and women opt for a Polyvalk, Motion, Randmeer or a new Aira. 

Central Friesland ideal
Children learn sailing since they are seven from specially trained instructors of sailing schools, often students. The heart of Friesland is an ideal place to learn to sail because you have a stretch of water available for every type of weather and boat. For example, if there is too much wind on lake Sneekermeer, you can switch to one of the pools. This means that sailing lessons hardly ever have to be cancelled in Friesland and sailing is always possible.


Keus 22 – Sailing school De Ulepanne – Balk

Sailing school De Ulepanne – Balk

Motion 670 – Hoora Watersport – Heeg