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Friesland Holland Travel Service
Since 1996 the travel agency of the tourist information center for Fryslân,
Friesland Holland

Holidays with 15 unique guarantees!
The sole focus of Friesland Holland Travel Service BV, as a division of the tourist information center for Fryslân, is the province of Friesland as a holiday destination. All of our holiday packages have been developed and tested, and are sold directly to the customer and executed by Friesland Holland itself, ensuring a degree of security no other tour operator can match. Besides the SGR guarantee, the Frisian travel agency has an additional 14 unique safeguards to offer.

 A list of the safeguards we offer:
1. SGR guarantee
2. Speedy breakdown service and mobility guarantee (Friesland Holland Assistance)
3. Superior travel information (our own maps and guides in Dutch, German, English and French)
4. Superior equipment (top-quality bikes and boats)
5. Absolute Friesland specialist: located and specialized in the province of Fryslân.
6. Non-stop availability to guests.
7. Management with over 50 years of experience in tourism in Friesland.
8. Theme packages developed and tested by us personally.
9. Holiday packages customized to the individual traveller or group.
10. Our own hotel shuttle service and bagage transport.
11. Accomodation facilities and restaurants carefully selected by theme.
12. Personal advice by telephone or e-mail between the hours of 08.00-22.00 (the Wolvega office).
13. Excellent network (the travel agency is a division of the tourist information center for Fryslân, Friesland Holland, and a sister company of Friesland Holland Nieuwsdienst/News Service)
14. Compact organization with short lines of communication.
15. Full-service provider with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Friesland Holland Travel Service BV’s holidays with SGR guarantee:

Company data and booking terms:
Friesland Holland Travel Service BV
Management: Albert Hendriks, Jana Hendriks
KvK-number (Camber of Commerce): 66143489
BTW nr.(VAT): NL856413732.B.01

Holiday booking center, office, warehouse, bicycle rental, workshop and vehicle pool:
Hoofdstraat West 38
8471 HV Wolvega
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)561 615 364 (8.00 a.m.-22.00 p.m., 7 days a week)

Contact with booking center and breakdown service:
The holiday booking center and breakdown service Friesland Holland Assistance (roadside and breakdown assistance with mobility guarantee for clients of Friesland Holland Travel Service BV) can be reached by telephone 7 days a week from 8.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m.: +31(0)561-615364.
The office at Hoofdstraat West 38 in the center of Wolvega is open on Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.

Booking sites:

Booking terms:
Check under ‘Terms’ on the booking sites.

Safe booking:
Participant SGR guarantee regulation number 3784

IBAN nr.: NL39 RABO 0156 4219 41

Unique service
Friesland Holland Travel Service BV offers only holiday packages that have been developed and tested by the organization itself. The packages are unique and, in general, all-in, coupled with indispensible service. Speedy breakdown assistance with mobility guarantee to cyclists and renters of boats is an example. Also typical of our service is the provision of a wide range of information: detailed descriptions of the holiday itself and accommodation facilities, personal advice, and an information package delivered at your home after booking.


Friesland Holland: news service and tour operator

Background in journalism
Friesland Holland News & Marketing and Friesland Holland Travel Service BV in Wolvega jointly form the tourist information center for Fryslân, Friesland Holland in short. The agency was founded in 1996 by Albert Hendriks, a journalist specialized in the fields of economy, cultural history and tourism. Hendriks, born on November 21, 1953 in the village of Koekange in the province of Drenthe and raised, after 1954, on a farm in Rutten in the new multi-cultural Noordoostpolder, near Lemmer in Friesland, subsequently trained as a teacher in German and geography in Leeuwarden. During his studies in the Frisian capital Hendriks was also active as a reporter, which included interviewing of celebrities, usually politicians and entertainers, some from abroad.  Since 1976 he has been working as a freelance journalist, publicist, copywriter and publisher and from 1996 onward as the managing director of Friesland Holland.

The Netherlands’ leading specialist in cycling and boating holidays
In a few years’ time, Friesland Holland Travel Service BV became by far the Netherlands’  leading specialist in cycling and boating holidays by stimulating direct booking (bypassing travel agencies and other middlemen) and by developing and executing its own exclusive multi-active holiday package deals.

The number-one information source
Friesland Holland guides consumers to the better hotels and other accommodations, restaurants, boat rental agencies, tourist attractions and events worth visiting in the province of Fryslân.

Friesland Holland may not sell holiday packages via other tour operators and travel agencies, but it does maintain a relationship with travel agencies, bus travel operators, and other groups, purely in order to exchange information and, as the producer of travel packages, to realize short retail lines, again bypassing cost-raising middlemen.

News and news features
The marketing strategy is quite unusual for a tourism office:based as it is on daily news, product innovation and services and trends in international tourism. It is known as news-based marketing.

Friesland Holland: main activities
1. Friesland Holland News & Marketing brings information to tourists by means of social media, websites, travel guides and special maps for tourists.

For additional information:

2. Friesland Holland Travel Service develops and sells theme-based holiday packages with all sorts of service attached (comprehensive travel documentation on Friesland, bagage transport, breakdown service and airport shuttle service) and organizes culture and nature excursions, such as cruises and bus tours.

For additional information:

3. Friesland Holland Regional & City Marketing is responsible for the international marketing of Friesland as a tourist destination, for example that of the Frisian Eleven Cities and the neighbouring holiday regions, such as the two national parks Weerribben-Wieden and Drents-Friese Wold, and the Noordoostpolder, based on news and innovations (News Based Marketing). It supports the catering and leisure industries, tourism offices, tourist attractions and organizers of popular events in the marketing of their products and services. The news agency produces press releases, travel features and informative articles on Friesland for magazines and newspapers.

The most important websites:

4. Friesland Holland Research & Development researches and devises new concepts, services and products in the field of tourism, and develops these into a ready-to-use and bookable product, such as holiday and lifestyle formulas, theme-based routes and packages, and innovative boats and bicycles.

For additional information:

Stability and unique know-how
Friesland Holland in Wolvega is the most stable and oldest marketing and promotion agency in Friesland. This non-stop internationally active organization, which operates without depending on subsidies, has all the necessary expertise in-house: copywriting, photography, website building, design, marketing, tour operating, travel guidance and implementation, equipment (sporty touring bikes, e-bikes and service cars), a press service and a holiday booking office (affiliated with the renowned travel guarantee fund SGR).

Free subscription to  Fries Nieuws:

Updated on November 10, 2021 by Albert Hendriks, managing director of Friesland Holland.